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Take a look at this review of Duck Of Luck Slot by Casino Technology with 5 reels and 96.1% RTP: tips and tricks, free play mode to explore the game for free, winning screenshots, the most lucrative bonuses and promotions. Play Game of Luck Slot Machine for Free Online Spins. Luck will come with all the symbols in the Game of Luck. That will make you feel fortunate, in Vegas free Slot play. The green color which predominates, and the sound effects will make it a cheerful setting, with the promise of luck which lights all the reels. All of your favorite slots and casino games can be found on platform. Don’t know how to play? Our platform supports “play for fun” options for all players, with or without an account. Enjoy only the Duck Of Luck Online Slot Free best games from the Duck Of Luck Online Slot Free best providers. The free online Duck Of Luck slot game features an Auto Play option. Be sure to select this to begin and continue your spins. It also offers extra spins once the prize games are won. While there are no bonus rounds, players can count on the wild “quacks” as their wild symbols and enjoy scatters as well as multipliers.

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The original Duck of Luck game was a big success for Casino Technology. Merging the idea of a duck with the theme of China was an odd one, it has to be said. But, the slot was certainly a hit with gamers, so the developer chose to create a follow on. In this one, appropriately given the title of Duck of Luck Returns, we have to wonder what has been done differently. After all, from a first impression point of view, it looks pretty much like the same game. However, this is not actually the case. Casino Technology has instead chosen to upgrade the game. And while it does bring back some similar imagery to the first incarnation, there are some new features in it as well. Again, we still don’t really understand the merging of the two themes, but who cares? The game provides entertainment on a number of levels. And, of course, the developer has also made sure to include its own range of high quality graphics. Which gives it both gameplay appeal and visual appeal in one.

Playing this slot game will present you with a layout of five reels and four rows. So, it stands slightly larger than the average video slot game design. Furthermore, it holds a single extra row in comparison to the original game too. Across these reels, you will have the opportunity to place bets on a total of 40 separate win lines. However, if you feel that these are too many for you, you can customise them easily enough. Just visit the game menu by clicking on the cog button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. In this menu, you can also change around the value of the wager that you place as well. Coins have a value of $1 in the slot, so with all 40 pay lines in action the minimum bet stands at $40 per spin. You do have the power to adjust the amount of coins that are in play per line though. The game offers up a range of between one and 10 for this. Therefore, the maximum stake that you can bring into play per spin stands at $400.

As we made mention of before, there are some very nice graphics on display in Duck of Luck Returns. The background of the game shows some Chinese lanterns and such imagery. Meanwhile, upon the reels of the game is where you will find the selection of symbols. First of all, there are the icons of the often seen playing card symbols. There’s the orange number 10, the blue J, the green Q, the red K and the purple A. Together, these provide the slot with its lowest paying additions. Following on from this, there’s the symbol of the red Ming vase and another of three gold pendants. Either of these is able to provide a maximum pay out of 7,500 coins. A golden ornament is also present as a symbol on the reels too. The very last standard icon of this slot comes in the form of the beautiful Geisha girl. If you manage to bring five of this one into view on a winning bet line, you will receive a maximum reward of 100,000 coins.

LuckIf you’ve ever played the original Duck of Luck game, you’ll know that it had a wild scatter symbol. This came in the form of the golden duck. Well, it’s available within this slot game as well, in the exact same format. As a wild symbol, first and foremost, it will substitute for all other icons on the reels to form winning combinations. And as a scatter, it can show up in any location across the reels and still reward you with a pay out. If you ever spin five wild scatters into view across the screen, you will receive a maximum reward of 40,000 coins!

And further to this, all players have the opportunity to trigger a freespins round with this symbol. You need to bring three or more into view across the screen to receive 10 of these. During this round, you will see that whenever the golden duck comes into view, it will lay a golden egg. These eggs are collected throughout the feature. Then, at the end of the freespins round, the amount of eggs that you have will reward you with certain features. These exist in the following way:

  • Between 6 and 15 golden eggs will give you three coins on top of your winnings
  • Between 16 and 18 golden eggs will give you 10 additional freespins with the golden egg counter set to zero
  • 19 or more golden eggs will give you 200 coins on top of your winnings

You’ll also get the chance to play through a gamble round in this slot. This becomes active at the end of every winning combination that you form in the main game. Should you opt to play it, a new screen comes into play with a face down playing card on it. Your only job is to guess what kind of card it will be when you turn it over. You can take a guess at its colour – red or black – for a chance to double your winnings from the triggering round. Or, you can choose to guess the card’s suit in order to try and quadruple those winnings. Any incorrect guess during this feature round will result in those winnings being lost though.

Ducks do find themselves in several different online slot games. And if you’re a fan of that kind of theme, allow us to suggest one or two more for you to try out. First of all, we recommend the Eyecon offering of Double Up Ducks. You’ll have 25 win lines to place bets on in this game, which are spread out across a five reel, three row layout. A total of 15 freespins can be won from three or more scatters, with a double multiplier being active in this round too. Another slot that we can suggest is Little Duck coming from the minds of the Capecod Gaming team. Again, you’ll have a standard video slot layout with 25 win lines available. You’ll also have the chance to win 12 or more freespins from three or more scatter icons. This game also contains three tiers of jackpot games. And let’s not forget about Count Duckula from Blueprint Gaming. This slot has 20 win lines in it, with 10 freespins also able to be won. And the freespins round works as just one of five different bonus feature rounds!
It’s always nice to see sequels and revamps of original games. This follow on to Duck of Luck does contain a bigger interface, while the freespins round has also gone through a bit of enhancement. The graphics have gone through some improvement too, making this one an obvious choice to play.

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Let’s Roll with with LuckyDuck Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games and a great way to kick off on the tables, and could possibly lead to dancing on the tables after some good wins. It’s a really very simple game with a lot of options/numbers to bet on, and attracts players from beginner to expert. Although it is a game of chance, following some kind of plan when you bet gives you a better winning success rate.

Lucky ducky free slots vgt. Just like in a land-based casino, at DuckyLuck.ag you are only playing against the house and not the other players at the table. An American Roulette table has 38 numbers ranging from 1 to 36 with two extra slots for 0 and 00. Half of the numbers from 1 to 36 are Red while the other half are Black while the numbers 0 and 00 are green. You can’t bet on the green slots, and when the ball lands on these, the house always wins (this is the ‘house edge’ that is discussed in detail under ‘About Online Casinos’).

To place a bet, the player must place their chips (in our case, these are ‘virtual’ chips) on the corresponding number, color or section they would like to wager on. There are lots of strategies to decide what to bet on, but let’s first list the options:

Free Duck Slots

  • You can bet on any single number or on what color the number will be, also known as betting on Red or Black.
  • You can also bet on 2 numbers at the same time, which is known as a ‘split’ meaning you place your chip on the line that separates the two numbers.
  • You can also play ‘Outside bets’. An outside bet is a wager that involves several numbers usually between 12-18 numbers at one time. Of course the amount you will win is less than betting on single numbers, but your chances of winning are significantly higher.
  • Another is ‘Low’ or ‘High,’ which involves betting on 1—18 (Low) or 19-36 (High).
  • You can also bet Even or Odd numbers, which gives you the same odds at the High/Low and Red/ Black wagers.
  • Finally, you can also bet on a column or on ‘dozens’. These are again very straightforward with column bets involving one of the three columns on an American Roulette table or dozens which involves betting one of the three dozen in the 1-36 grid (1-12, 13-24 or 25-36).

Now it’s time to talk strategy!

Sadly, there is no one Roulette strategy that has been proven to work much better than another (insert sad face emoji here). Whether it’s the Martingale strategy, the Reverse Martingale, the Paroli system or the D’Alembert (yeah, they really exist) none of these is clearly better than the other. Do some research to find a system that makes sense for you. Google is your friend here.

LuckyDuck Blackjack – can you ‘Break the Bank’?

Duck Of Luck Online Slot Free Now Blackjack is a different ballgame altogether. Unlike Roulette, there is a fixed strategy that has been developed according to the best possible outcome if an infinite amount of hands were to be played (well, someone had to do it, and they even made a chart!). Despite all of these calculations, most novice Blackjack players will still follow their instincts … oh dear, that might be okay with Roulette, but in Blackjack, that won’t spell success in winning, no siree Bob! Of course, playing according to the betting chart (which you’ve memorized – is that possible?) does not guarantee success, but will improve your chances of winning. Understanding basic strategy, like when to ‘surrender’, when to ‘split’ and when to double down are all part of a winning strategy. There are lots of websites and online articles detailing Blackjack strategies, so bone up and try your luck at DuckyLuck.

Hot tip: Card counting doesn’t work in online casinos! You’ve seen it on television and in the movies. That strategy will be ineffective when dealing with machines using 4-8 decks of cards that shuffle them at random. Or, in your case when playing online, a random number generator deals the cards from a fresh deck with every hand. Just a heads up, and wishing you happy (and responsible) gaming!

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