Create Unlimited Poker Rooms and Tables for your users. Ideal for big poker sites, but also great for startups who want to find out what your users like to play, and with how many users they’d like to. Jun 19, 2020 Some of the best online poker sites give you everything you need to create a private poker club, invite people to join you there, and play online poker with your friends for free and real money. KKPoker is an innovative mobile only poker room that makes use of the popular Club Poker format. At PokerStrategy we have the best KKPoker rakeback deal and exclusive promotions in our club you cannot find anywhere else. All PokerStrategy members will get the maximum rakeback the site will allow, which is 50% rakeback for the life of the policy.

Ever wanted to stage a private poker tournament online with your friends only and that was invite only? Well, you can. It is possible to now challenge your friends and enjoy the excitement of playing against them in a closed online environment, just as if you were playing in a home game against them. But its from the comfort of your own home.

Currently the best place to host a private poker home game online is over at BetOnline Poker. It’s pretty simple to sign up and organize a game for your friends so that your weekly home game can go on.

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They can be played at your convenience and only the players that you personally invite will be allowed to participate so it works in much the same way as invite only freeroll tournaments.

How do I create a private online poker club?

Hosting private online poker games could never be easier, and the top rated online poker rooms understand why. There are lots of players who like playing in games against people they know, creating a different type of dynamic, because there will always be personal rivalries.

At sites like PokerStars and 888 Poker, two of the leading online poker sites, you can set up a private poker tournament for co-workers, associates, clubs, charities or just for a bunch of friends. There are no limits to the number of people that can participate. And there are no additional charges for setting up your private poker games. Since everything is handled by the online poker site, the home game organiser doesn’t have to worry about expenses such as buying a poker table, chips, cards, food, drinks. And whatever else that is needed to make a home game possible.

Depending on the online poker site, you can also set up a private invitation-only ring game. Many online poker sites are also willing to allow private poker games with no rakes. Just tell them what private poker game format you would like to hold and they will take care of the rest.

Poker players interested in staging private poker games and competitions should check out PokerStars latest innovation – Online Home Games. This feature is a brand new part of the software, allowing players to bring their home games online.

Nothing like this has been tried in the online poker world so kudos to Pokerstars for implementing it into their online poker room. It turned out to undeniable be a huge success with 500,000 home game clubs already created since its inception.

The great thing about PokerStars’ Online Home Games is that pretty much every online poker player will already have an account at PokerStars.

Creating your own private poker tournaments online is very straightforward – simply choose the game type, buy-in level, then set the date for the tournament. You can invite up to 50 members. Best of all, it’s free to create your own private poker club.

In order to join one of the many invite only Home Games online at PokerStars, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions.

– If you don’t already have an account with PokerStars, then download their free software.

– Once you’re logged in to the main poker lobby, click on the Home Games tab.

– Click the ‘Join a Poker Club’ button.

– Enter your Club ID number, provided by the poker club organizer.

– Enter your Invitation Code, provided by the poker club organizer.

It’s as simple as that. Of course, the tournament organizer for the online home games will need to spread the word about the tournament to get enough people interested in playing. If you already play a home game with friends at someone’s home, it’s probably easiest just organizing an online game then. If not, obtain every player’s email address, and set it up via email.

What about private online poker club at other rooms?

You can also create your very own private online poker tournaments at 888Poker.

In order to create and play in one of the private tournaments against your friends using webcams at 888Poker, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions.

– If you don’t already have an account with 888Poker, then download the latest software.

– Once you’re logged in to the main poker lobby, click on the Play with friends tab.


– Click the ‘Create New Game’ button and then choose whether you want to set up a tournament or cash game.

– Enter your unique game name, game password, and the starting time, which every player will need to obtain by the private game organizer.

That’s it! Once you have created a new private game, it will be displayed in the main lobby for players whom you have invited to join the game.

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The tournament/cash game organizer will receive an email notification, letting them know they have created a private game at 888Poker. Simply forward this email to all the people that you consider friends and would like to play against.

At this very second there’s a poker game potentially being played in the palm of your hand, and you probably don’t even know it.

Right now, virtually everyone can play poker directly on their smartphone. Indeed, never has poker been so easy to access, as fast-paced, and more fun to play.

Thanks in part to URounders Club, a fast-growing private online poker site that’s hosted on a convenient smartphone app available to almost everyone, poker players from all over the world can now log in, sign-up, and immediately begin playing popular games such as No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and another variant called Five-Card Omaha.

Typical buy-ins range from as little as $4 all the way up to $4,000. Right now the most popular deposit amount is $10. The user-friendly URounders app not only enables participants of all skill levels to play cash games and tournaments, but Open-Faced Chinese Poker as well. Forget about hauling around bulky laptops and fumbling with tablets, at URounders, you play poker much like at a real casino at any location with a phone signal. Waiting in a long line? Sitting around in a restaurant? Waiting to board a plane? Bored at home? There’s an easy solution. Sign up at URounders and log in. The cards play exactly the same and the money you can win spends every bit as good.

URounders is the creative brainchild and now the smash success of Eric Graul, a true visionary and hard-working industry insider, who initially started out as a novice gamer nearly 20 years ago. He was an avid Magic: The Gathering enthusiast and like many successful poker players who made the crossover, Graul was quick to see the link between the two sophisticated card games and apply skill sets that, at first glance, had seemingly disparate requirements in strategy. Graul, who proudly served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years (he was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for three of those enlisted years) and previously worked as a government contractor, saw something few others were noticing: huge demand for poker remains and the smartphone is certainly the most accessible delivery system for games ever invented. Accordingly, gaming — and more specifically poker — began to take up more of his time and really captured his attention.

Graul was on his way to becoming a real Rounder.

“About three years ago I started hearing about these private poker clubs being played on your smartphone where you had to know somebody to get in,” Graul said. “I started looking into it more closely. I quickly discovered that the games were really good. Soft, I mean. I could really see the potential.”

Because most of the stakes were low and the apps (at the time) weren’t as good as today, Graul went back to mainly playing on U.S.-based online poker sites, and grinding out a modest living. But the fascination with the more accessible phone-based apps he’d experienced earlier had certainly captured his attention. His next goal was to get more involved and create something new based on what he initially experienced — and then improve upon it.

The URounders’ concept was born and the mission statement was written.

“We are poker players who got fed up with the way the ‘big sites’ were running things and wanted to create a better player experience where they could trust the people behind software,” their official website page says. This being a not-too-subtle reference to integrity issues brought about by serious problems in the past with online poker games. But it went deeper than trust and winning back online poker players to a new and better opportunity.

Online Private Poker Room

“We wanted to give micro-stakes players a chance to actually improve and move up through the stakes by offering rake up to 5 times lower than other online sites. We want players who work at their game to earn a profit and minimize the expense of new players learning the game. We strive to maintain a healthy balance of player types and skill levels,” the official URounders site states.

As for numbers and popularity, URounders is already up to more than 4,100 players (and growing fast). At any given time, there are 20 to 25 games actively going when you log on. Although action is concentrated with North American players, increasingly, URounders finds that new players are joining the club from many other countries and getting into the game. The easy access to a phone app makes this a potential poker boom all over again. After all, who wouldn’t rather be playing poker on their smartphone when looking for fun and a possible way to win some money?

Online poker apps including URounders are entirely legal in most U.S. jurisdictions since they are essentially private clubs, just like any normal fraternal organization. Just as a group of friends might gather and play a private game in someone’s home, the online app attracts players with a similar interest (playing poker) and provides an accessible platform for buying in and cashing out. However, just as most online poker players elect to maintain money in their poker bankroll for future sessions, cash exchanges are not nearly as common as in brick and mortar cardrooms. Deposits and cashouts can be done via major credit cards ApplePay, Zelle, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies.

One of the many novelties of URounders is the integral bond between poker clubs that join together and form a much larger union. The union, consisting of many clubs with numerous individual poker players, honors one another’s financial transactions. Think of it as a sort of poker Block chain. This means that individuals exchange funds on a peer to peer basis. Unions are critical to the much larger network, since not only are funds transfers facilitated but player pools increase substantially. Hence, the action and variety of games from which to choose gets better and better with more players.

Not only is the future bright for URounders, but there does also appear to be a better chance at upward mobility.

“One interesting thing about the clubs is the rake is different than online sites,” Graul said. “Players at the site really get stuck due to the high rake when playing micro stakes. They can’t get the win rate to move up. The rake is astronomical in relation to the stakes. But at URounders, we cap the rake on the smaller games. So, beating the game for a profit is theoretically much more possible for many more players.”

Here’s a really simple and informative link to a short video that shows how URounders (and the entire concept) works. It’s a perfect explanation for those who know little about playing poker on an app:

Just like in online poker games, URounders allows all players to select their own screen name, create a personal profile, and even post an image or photograph. Registration is quick and easy. Right now, URounders even offers new players deposit bonuses (up to 200 percent!), free play of $25, and the chance to win additional perks and prizes through their V.I.P. program. New incentives are added regularly.

There are also plenty of informative resources available to players who are new to the concept or are simply curious and want to know more, including a very helpful Facebook page with hundreds of followers.

For more information, download the app, and get started playing poker right on your smartphone.

Looking ahead, Graul sees significant growth potential. URounders is actively in the process of expanding and setting up operations within a licensed jurisdiction (Costa Rica) where players can be fully protected in a regulated environment. “We all want to have a safe place to play poker,' Graul said. “Players have to feel secure and be confident their funds are protected and the games are honest.”

Thanks to URounders, you can play poker right now and 24/7 from just about anywhere so long as you have a working smartphone. The games are good, it’s quick to sign up, and easy to get started.

Hey, poker players. Can you hear me now?

Online Private Poker Room App

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