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Roulette is one of the most popular and thrilling casino games in the history of gambling. Earlier, people who were interested in gambling had to go to casinos for trying their luck and win good money. You cannot imagine casino without a Roulette table game. The Internet has drastically changed the world. Things have become digital which has given ease to people at working places, financial, education and gaming sectors. Now, Offline gambling has got a substitute; online gambling has become very popular. It can be played on the web with great ease and allows players to enjoy the experience of gambling anytime and anywhere.

Since, 17th century, the popularity of Roulette is progressing at an increasing rate. Why? It is purely a game of luck. Everything is random; if you think you are fortunate, this is the best casino game for you.

When you log into the web to play Roulette, you get the best casinos available on the internet platform. If you are a beginner, reading reviews from other players would be good; with the help of ratings, you can be aware of the best casinos available on the internet. Roulette games are fascinating and thrilling offering bonuses on deposits, jackpots, etc.


What are the advantages of playing Roulette on the internet?

Try roulette free play first - It's easy to get into the session if you can try a free version. The freedom to experiment with your bet sizes, put a new strategy to the test, and generally to have a casual session will contribute a lot to falling in love with the game, but also understanding it a little better. Play European Roulette. Keywords: Shark Roulette, sharkroulette, sharkroulette review, sharkroulette coupons, shark roulette play free, shark roulette coupon, shark roulette reviews, free live roulette, roulette online gratuit, roulette games free, online, free roulette, online roulette games. Today you can play American roulette at tons of online casinos, for free or real money. Although modern European roulette tables have 37 slots on the wheel, early tables had 38 thanks to two separate zero.

  • Ease of play- As it is purely based on luck. Hence, there is no specific method to try it. Just beginners need to know more about the rules and betting strategies. You can enjoy playing online roulette games for free and make huge real money by winning the stakes.
  • Payment safety - Online Roulette is secured and encrypted providing complete safety to play. All payment modes are accepted such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, wallet payments, and Bitcoin, etc.
  • Real money - Players get the chance to win good money with their effective strategies while playing it.
  • Indulge in casino anytime and anywhere - Play Roulette online anytime and anywhere with casinos where you get an opportunity to make profits on your bets. You can enjoy free online roulette at any place even in your living room or bedroom.

Types of Wheel

Roulette can be played on the web with two types of wheels — American and European versions. The European version has single zero and number from 1 to 36, whereas the American wheel has double zero and single zero and number from 1 to 36. Players can bet on a single number, color blocks, odd and even numbers or group of numbers.

Best roulette games to play in 2021

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Online Roulette Free Play No Deposit

There is little doubt that roulette is one of the most popular games at the casino. The original French roulette sits alongside American and European roulette as one of the three most played variations of the game.

While these games look and play in almost identical ways, there are some key differences – especially when it comes to the casino house edge.

This guide starts by looking at exactly how this French version of the game differs from the others. The focus here is in the wheel, the house edge, the La Partage rule and the specific bets available.

Next, the most popular bet types are featured, alongside the odds you’ll receive for each. Next, NetEnt’s popular online version of the game – available in New Jersey – is then reviewed.

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How does French roulette work?

Everyone knows the basics of roulette –there’s a wheel and a metal ball and you’ll make bets on where it lands. This is obviously common amongst all forms of roulette. However, there are some subtle differences in this French version of the game that make a big difference.

In some versions of the game you’ll find a pair of zeros, and this is the case in American roulette. It’s a simple fact that the more zeros there are on a wheel, the higher the house edge.

In American roulette that edge is 5.26% (in some cases, you’ll find three zeros and the edge rises to 7.89%). In French roulette there is just a single zero, which immediately lowers the edge to 2.7%.

French roulette comes with a La Partage rule, which cuts the house edge down to 1.35%.

This rule is specific to those 50/50 bets such as red/black and odd/even bets. If you’re unlucky enough to see the ball land in zero, you will receive half of your stake back.

If you are a player who likes these 50/50 bets, the French version of the game should certainly be preferable to you.

It should be noted that while live casinos offer the La Partage rule, it doesn’t appear to be available in the online version provided by NetEnt. NetEnt’s French roulette is also missing the En Prison rule.

Other unique bets for French roulette games

The other key differences in French roulette are the following unique bets available:

  • Voisins du Zero – Literally meaning ‘neighbors of zero’ this covers all of the numbers between 22 and 25 on a roulette wheel, including of course zero.
  • Le Tiers du Cylindre – Translated as ‘thirds of the wheel’, this covers the numbers opposite the ‘voisins du zero’, ranging through 27 to 33.
  • Orphelins – Translated as ‘orphans’, these are the numbers that are not encompassed by either of the two groups above.

Most popular bets in French roulette

With the La Partage rule in French roulette, many will stick to the popular 50/50 bets. These include betting on red or black, which is the most popular and famous bet in the casino, and odd/even bets and high/low wagers (1-18 or 19-36). Sticking to these will ensure that low house edge of 1.35% and all will double your money if you win.

Straight bets are popular, where you’ll bet on just a single number and these pay out at odds of 35:1.

Split bets, where you place the chips between 2 numbers and win if either come in, pay 17:1, while corner bets (place the chips in the corner between 4 numbers) pay 8:1.

Other popular bets include columns, where you’ll bet on 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 etc. and dozens where you’ll bet on the 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36 ranges. Each of these pay 2:1.

NetEnt’s French roulette

This online version of the game is now available at a number of legal US casinos.

Once the game loads you’ll be impressed by the expansive set up. A large black roulette wheel slowly rotates anti-clockwise at the top of the screen, the visuals impressive enough to make you wonder if this is indeed a virtual game. Below is the large betting lay out.

In this game you’ll get to choose exactly what stakes to play. With a minimum bet size of just 10c and a maximum of $5,000, this game is designed for all players, whatever your bankroll.

To place a bet, you’ll simply click and hold one of the chip denominations and drag it into place onto the betting area. All of the betting options are there.

Winning slot jackpots videos

Being the ‘French’ version of the game, words such as ‘Manque’ (1-18) or Passe (19-36) appear, while there is an option to bring up the extra bets such as ‘Voisins du Zero’ by clicking on the ‘Open Racetrack’ option.

This game features hot and cold numbers on the main screen, and a stats option – many will use the results of previous spins to form their decision on the next one.

Other options include rebet, clear previous bet, clear all bets and double all bets. On hitting spin, the excitement starts – and your account will be updated immediately after any winning spins.

French roulette strategy

Play French Roulette online, free

While it is impossible to consistently beat roulette, due to the house edge, it does pay to ensure that the house edge is as low as possible. French roulette is therefore the best option online. While a low house edge can never guarantee a win, it does give you the best chance of having a winning session.

While some promise fail-safe systems that guarantee wins at roulette, these are all false. If there were such systems, casinos would go broke in a day, and there is little sign of that happening.

Final thoughts

If you’re serious about roulette, this French version of the game should certainly be your game of choice. That tiny house edge gives you the very best chance to be successful at the game, while there is something pleasing about playing the most ‘historic’ form of roulette.

Free Play Roulette Online No Download

The ability to play French roulette online in states such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey today have opened up the game to many players. As long as you are within the state lines you can give the wheel a spin.